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5 Conveyancing Tips for First Home Buyers

The White Paper committed the Government to developing a comprehensive set of indicators for overall urban analysis and promote a standard set of urban and rural definitions for use in analysis and monitoring. Many existing indicators are of relevance to the urban renaissance agenda and the emphasis will need to be on bringing together existing data collected by partners in the region.

High levels of income and growing economy together with inward migration (in particular from London), are leading to high demand for housing. You will for the most part be obliged to give a store to be held by your how to choose settlement agent as security for the seller against any disappointment by you to finish the buy as contracted.

This high demand coupled with insufficient supply, partially due to the planning system and land availability, has led to the highest prices in the South East in the UK after London.As shown in the figure below, average house prices in the South East have risen by some 40% between 1998 and 2000 - an average of over 13% per annum.

The dual impact of September 11 and the Ansett collapse only caused hotel values to plateau - not fall - according to the latest Property Council. The results show that capital returns from a generic 4 star, 250 room hotel in the Sydney CBD continued to decline, but stronger income returns would have propped up total returns in the December quarter 2001.

However the capital return index fell by 8 per cent over the same period to be 85 per cent of 1995 values. The chair of the Property Council’s Tourism Committee, Philip Levinson, said the results confirm that the industry was hit hard by events in September 2001 but not to the extent predicted by some commentators.

For the first time in the last ten years room occupancies dipped below 70 per cent, resulting in an 18.5 per cent fall in room yield. Mr Levinson said the demand for the Hotel Valuation Index reflected a greater maturation of hotel property as an asset class. The net take up of office space in the North Sydney CBD was negative for the third successive six-month period to July 2002, coming in at minus 6,835 sq m.