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As demonstrated in figure 47, in the areas of economic success in the South East, the house prices are extremely high and without policy intervention key workers with modest earnings and young people will be forced to leave the area with significant implications for businesses and public services alike.The contribution of industry icon, Greg Paramor, was honoured today The main GDP estimates published in February are on a residence basis and the breakdowns of the totals by industry are currently only available on a residence basis.

Although this recognition is for a lifetime of contribution and achievement, we hope Greg will view it as encouragement for continuing an extraordinary work in progress", Mr Leaver said. Some legitimate firms may case to give a thorough conveyancing administration, yet in the event that they are a practice that arrangements with a wide range of sorts of lawful cases, or offers shabby conveyancing services administrations, they might not have the committed individuals or time, which will guarantee that they can give the best and most productive conveyancing administration conceivable. In 1981, Mr Paramor founded Growth Equities Mutual, a major Australian property funds management company which managed over $1.6 billion of equity on behalf of some 80,000 investors.

In the property industry’s most difficult times during the early 1990s - when the unlisted property trusts were effectively frozen - Greg steered and managed the crisis in his role as Chairman of - what is now known as - the Investment Funds Association of Australia.Mr Paramor founded Paladin Australia which in five years grew to be the Australia’s 10th largest property fund manager with over $2.3 billion in funds under management.

All sales of below £10,000 and over £1 million are excluded from the values shown for 1999 but included in the values shown for 2000.In 2000 following the sale of Paladin to Deutsche Bank, Mr Paramor again had the vision to recognise the benefits of the stapled structure and created the James Fielding Group.