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These projects are leaving large vacancies in their wake, which will keep the downtown office market soft for several years. SEEDA contributed actively to t h e preparation of a S u stainable Development Framework for the South East and, in the light of t h is, re-appraised its own RES and SAPs. Transportation companies are well represented in the local economy, including Boeing, DaimlerChrysler and American Airlines.

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received a $4.5 billion contract from South Korea to build 40 updated F-15s, which will be built in St. Louis through 2008. And sales of homes, automobiles and general merchandise have held up admirably despite the sluggish employment market during the past two years. Any recovery in 2003 is likely to be muted, with conditions especially weak in the first half.At a strategic level, then, a foundation was put in place for SEED A and its partners to respond to the nee d for “joined u p ” action in the context of sub -regionally determined opportunities for and constraints to sustainable economic development. From the early stages of d e eloping the first RES, SEEDA recognised the significance of its sub-regions and it attached so m e importance e to the role of sub-regional economy mic partnerships.

However, these same market conditions are not as pronounced as in many larger markets due to the market’s role as an insurance headquarters center and the capital of Iowa. Near term opportunities for office users will be found in taking advantage of the softness in the market and repositioning into more desirable space.

The Des Moines Central Business District will be the beneficiary of over 650,000 square feet of new corporate facilities when the Allied Insurance and Wells Fargo Financial buildings are completed. conveyancing processhelps to buy or sell houses without facing much problems in the process.

Against this backdrop, the dialogue between SEEDA and the sub-regional economic partnerships has – arguably – been strongest in the context of SEEDA’ s lobbying and leadership roles, rather than across the arena of direct delivery.

Initial concerns over lease-up for space being vacated as these companies move into their new facilities have been somewhat alleviated by accelerated growth within these same companies and decisions to keep employees in the older buildings.As a result, space in Class B and C buildings in the CBD is being offered at substantial discounts. Landlords owning these buildings are finding it difficult to attract new tenants despite a laundry list of incentives.

The savvy user can reap substantial incentives. Tax abatement in some municipalities will be an inducement, as well. With the exception of tax abatement, these incentives are a result of a substantial increase in available space in late 2001, continuing through 2002. Completion of the beltway to I-35 (Relocated Highway 5) south of the Des Moines International Airport, should increase user interest in business parks near the airport.A major challenge during 2003 will be to educate both tenants and owners to the changing industrial market conditions.